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Contact Info

Counselor: Terri Becker

Room 12

636-583-5855 x1505



***Students may stop by the counselor’s office as needed***

Middle School Counselors help students succeed by:

*Promoting positive attitudes among students toward self, family, peers, and community.

*Working collaboratively with students, parents, and teachers to identify and remove barriers to learning.

*Assisting students in learning how school performance relates to future opportunities.

*Counseling students regarding career planning and preparation.

*Counseling students in groups and individually, depending upon the nature of the concern.

*Implementing classroom guidance lessons that target the academic, career and personal/social development needs of middle aged learners.

*Providing transition activities between elementary and middle school and middle school and high school.

A Student May See the Counselor for the Following Reasons:


*Being teased or bullied

*A new situation

*Family concerns or changes

*A conflict

*A peer relationship

*A learning problem

*A behavior concern

*A death or serious illness

*Schedule change

*Some positive extra attention

Helpful Hints for Parents:

*Talk to your child about what happens at school.

*Look at student work, letters, etc.

*Read the newsletter and notes sent home.

*Monitor your child’s completion of homework on a daily basis.

*Praise your child’s good work and success.

*Get to know your child’s teachers and communicate with them frequently.

*Call the school if you have concerns or a problem arises.

*Encourage your child to show respect and character.

*Allow and encourage your child to participate in school activities.