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Staff Directory

To contact a teacher via email, just click on the appropriate envelope icon in front of their name. Teachers with active websites are listed in blue. To access their website, just click on the teachers name.  

Contact Robert Anders  Robert Anders Social Studies Teacher
Contact Dustin Bailey  Dustin Bailey Special Education
Contact John Barnes  John Barnes P.E. Teacher
Contact Terri Becker  Terri Becker Guidance Counselor
Contact Julie Binsbacher  Julie Binsbacher Resource Room
Contact Diane Bruns  Diane Bruns Social Studies
Contact Carmen Carter  Carmen Carter Science Teacher
Contact Rikki Cummings  Rikki Cummings Career Explorations
Contact Tammy Davis  Tammy Davis Family and Consumer Science Teacher
Contact Tayler Desmond  Tayler Desmond Exploratory Agriculture
Contact Kristina Ferris  Kristina Ferris Clerk
Contact Ron Giesler  Ron Giesler Science Teacher
Contact William Graft  William Graft P.E.Teacher
Contact Joan Hellebusch  Joan Hellebusch Special Education Teacher
Contact Zachary Hoffman  Zachary Hoffman Mathematics Teacher
Contact Kimberly Hunter  Kimberly Hunter Assistant Principal
Contact Sam Hussey  Sam Hussey Math Teacher
Contact Nick Kelley  Nick Kelley PLTW Teacher
Contact Bridget Klenke  Bridget Klenke Social Studies
Contact Ted Koenigsfeld  Ted Koenigsfeld Principal
Contact Lynne Krimmel  Lynne Krimmel Science Teacher
Contact Nathan Manhart  Nathan Manhart English Teacher
Contact Lisa Mathes-Peters  Lisa Mathes-Peters Health Teacher
Contact Jennifer Melton  Jennifer Melton Special Education Teacher
Contact Stacey Miller  Stacey Miller English Language Arts Teacher
Contact Kristen Mills  Kristen Mills Science/Current Events Teacher
Contact Samantha Missy  Samantha Missy Special Education Teacher
Contact David North  David North Choir Teacher
Contact Heather Null  Heather Null Math Teacher
Contact Katrina Oberlies  Katrina Oberlies OSS at SSRC
Contact Cara Pier  Cara Pier English Language Arts Teacher
Contact Cassie Rice  Cassie Rice Band Teacher
Contact Doug Rice  Doug Rice Band Teacher
Contact Mike Sachs  Mike Sachs Geography Teacher
Contact Ashley Sieve  Ashley Sieve Reading / Literature
Contact Nichole Smith  Nichole Smith Social Studies Para
Contact Kendra Strong  Kendra Strong School Nurse
Contact Amanda Sullivan  Amanda Sullivan Librarian
Contact Vicki Terschluse  Vicki Terschluse Secretary
Contact Kevin Williams  Kevin Williams SRO
Contact Laurie Wilmoth  Laurie Wilmoth English Teacher
Contact Melissa Wurdack  Melissa Wurdack P.E. Teacher
Contact Elizabeth Young  Elizabeth Young Math Teacher